There is a name for this school and from time to time you will soon see that I will make mention of a school when I write my stuff. Reason being that this is the place where I have truly sat at the King’s feet. The place where I have started to know my Christ, my Saviour. There is nothing extra special about it and I don’t want to put so much emphasis on the school although I secretly wish everyone I know gets the chance to come for even a semester as I did :) But yes, the times spent there were so sweet and are something I would forever cherish in my heart.

There is something precious about this school and I say not because of the building or the people in it but because of the One, the Great King of the universe that the founders of this place resolved to glorify. This GREAT Being, Sovereign Most High One is my Beloved Saviour, the GREAT Unchangeable I AM is who I got to know more intimately than ever before.

The school is Ellerslie.

It is a place like no other. It is a set-apart environment in that everything in it, from the classes to the schedules, were all structured to provide us the students a time and place where we could just seek the Lord without any distractions. A place where I had laid all aside and came to Him empty of myself. A place where I truly understood who I really am in the light of who He is. I am the sheep and He is the Shepherd. I am nothing and He is everything.

I am excited to share with you guys what I have learned from my Master, My Teacher while I was there so do expect a few references, hehe. I didn’t want to annoy anyone or be too mysterious or give a wrong impression in that there is an unhealthy glorification of this school which I’m not genuinely doing, hence this page to explain :)

And although Ellerslie will always be special to me, my heart is filled with even more anticipation for greater things to come. This journey of earnestly seeking and pursuing Christ carries on even as I’m back home. I am so psyched.

Find out more about Ellerslie here :)